UMPetroleum Institute (PI) of Abu Dhabi, UAE

Thrust 1: Energy Recovery and Conversion

  1. Sulfur Recovery from Gas Stream using Flameless and Flame Combustion Reactor
    A.K. Gupta, M. Sassi, A. Al Shoaibi
  2. Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling with Solar Energy
    R. Radermacher, Y. Hwang, I. Kubo
  3. Waste Heat Utilization in the Petroleum Industry
    R. Radermacher, Y. Hwang, S. Al Hashimi, P. Rodgers

Thrust 2: Energy-Efficient Transport Process Projects

  1. Multidisciplinary Design and Characterization of Polymer Composite Seawater Heat Exchanger Module
    P. Rodgers, A. Bar-Cohen, S.K. Gupta, D. Bigio
  2. Study on Microchannel-Based Absorber/Stripper and Electrostatic Precipitators for CO2 Separation from Flue Gas
    S. Dessiatoun, A. Shooshtari, M. Ohadi, A. Goharzadeh
  3. Microreactors for Oil and Gas Processes Using Microchannel Technologies
    S. Dessiatoun, A. Shooshtari, M. Ohadi, A. Goharzadeh, E. Al-Hajri

Thrust 3: Energy System Management

  1. Integration of Engineering and Business Decisions for Robust Optimization of Petrochemical Systems
    S. Azarm, P.K. Kannan, A. Almansoori, S. Al Hashimi
  2. Dynamics and Control of Drill Strings
    B. Balachandran, H. Karki, Y. Abdelmagid
  3. Studies on Mobile Sensor Platforms
    B. Balachandran, N. Chopra, H. Karki
  4. Development of a Probabilistic Model for Degradation Effects of Corrosion-Fatigue Cracking in Oil and Gas Pipelines
    M. Modarres, M. Chookah, A. Seibi


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