UMPetroleum Institute (PI) of Abu Dhabi, UAE

From left: Dr. Ainane, Mr. DeMata, Dr. Ecomomu, Dr. Kim, and Mr. Paz

From left: Dr. Ainane, Mr. DeMata, Dr. Ecomomu, Dr. Kim, and Mr. Paz


Mr. Amarildo DeMata, the Graduate Study Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Department spent two weeks of the Winter Break at the Petroleum Institute to exchange experiences between his office and the office of Graduate Studies at PI. This assignment took as part of the collaborative activities between the two institutions to transfer the ?Best Practices? from UMD to PI in research, education and administrative matters.

In his assignment, Mr. DeMata worked directly with the Associate Provost of the Graduate Studies at PI, Dr. Ioannis Economu, Dr. Kim and Mr. Della Paz at the Graduate Studies Office. Mr. DeMata was able to review the PI policies and procedures pertaining to recruiting, admission, and orientation of new graduate students and give useful feedbacks for improving these processes. He also worked on standardization of letters and contracts for new research graduates and teaching assistants. Additionally he recommended ways of improving the Social activites and events for all students and conducted a quick opinion survey of the students regarding the Graduate program at PI.

Mr. DeMata and Dr. Sami Ainane, Director of Student Affairs at PI and another assignee from UMD to PI, also worked on a proposal for a BS/MS program aiming to retain best undergraduate students for a MS program. This idea is based on a similar and successful program created more than 10 years ago at the ME department at the University of Maryland.

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February 9, 2011

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