UMPetroleum Institute (PI) of Abu Dhabi, UAE

PI Provost Dr. Ismail Tag and Mr. Tareq Al Amoudi, the Vice President of Administration, visited the United States on a tour of many states and PI Partner Universities. Dr. Tag and Mr. Al Amoudi arrived in Washington D. C. on Saturday October 1, and visited UMD on October 3.

On Sunday, they visited the Washington Mall to view UMD’s entry in the 2011 Solar Decathlon. Dr. Tag later told EERC faculty that he had planned his trip to States around this event. Dr.Nazeri, and ADNOC Scholar Ali Al Alili from UMD accompanied Dr. Tag and Mr. Al Amoudi to this event, where they toured the majority of 19 houses in the competition. The University of Maryland’s entry, an 800 square-foot house called “Watershed” for its innovative use of solar energy and water reuse and conservation features, took first place in this prestigious competition.

Students and faculty from multiple disciplines, such as engineering, architecture, and computer science, participated in the project. The team was led by Professor Keith Herold of the Fischell Department of Bioengineering and Professor Amy Gardner, from the School of Architecture.  Image Caption: From left, Tareq Al Amoudi, Provost Tag, Dr. Nazeri, and Ali Al Alili in front of the Watershed.

On Monday, Provost Tag and Mr. Al Almoudi attended several meetings with UMD faculty and administration and visited several labs. Provost Tag met with Dr. Mike Ohadi and visited the Virtual Reality lab, where he met with Dr. Amr Baz, while Mr. Al Amoudi met with some administration officials, including Margaret Brumfeld, Executive Director of Administrative Affairs for the Mechanical Engineering Department, and Janna Dolan, Director of Student Affairs.

Both visitors met with the current ADNOC Scholars, Ali Al Alili, Hesham Ismail, Hussain Al Hashimi, and Abdullah Al Tamimi. The ADNOC Scholars had the opportunity to show the visitors their labs and the projects they are currently working on. They also met with former UMD president, Dr. Dan Mote to discuss PI’s strategic plan and with Dean Darryll Pines of the Clark School of Engineering, and the Principal Investigator of the EERC. Dr. Tag invited Dr. Pines to join the PI Advising Board, which Dean Pines accepted.

November 9, 2011

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